Designers Frequently Asked Questions

As graphic designers ourselves, we understand you may have some questions regarding Tweak so we’ve compiled here some of the most frequent queries.
We want to make sure you understand why we created Tweak and why we think it’s good for you.

Where’s the Tweak Panel?
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How are Tweaks registered?
A record of each completed or rejected Tweak will appear on your designer home page along with your earnings and karma points.

I’m worried that Photoshop freelance prices will go down dramatically…
Not to worry – the sort of photo editing we do at Tweak should not conflict with the income of professional artists (it is more likely that people using Instagram filters do more to impact the income of Photoshop artists). Currently, the average wage for a graphic designer in the US is between $10 – $28 an hour – less than a third of what you can earn on Tweak.

Even if you only use Tweak occasionally, the amount earned will be a welcome supplement to your regular income.

Do I need to have an email address to use Tweak?
You’ll need a Paypal account to be able to receive your payments.

I’m concerned it will cost me money and I’ll get no work.
All small businesses experience fluctuations in their output to begin with but with Tweak, it won’t cost you a penny. As far as the jobs are concerned, you will have the same opportunity to earn as every other artist on our roster.

Will my price be undercut by noobs?
With our system, no-one can under- or over-charge: everybody gets paid the same rate.

Will I have to pay a subscription fee?
No. Tweak is FREE for all Designers

Will there be enough work for me?
Obviously, we hope there will be more than enough editing jobs to go round but, as there is no precedent for this sort of app, it’s hard to assess how popular Tweak will become.

However, our marketing team and publicity campaigns will alert as many early users as possible and, hopefully, word of mouth will spread and jobs will follow. Our goal is to have as many designers as possible join up and stick with us during Tweak’s early implementation.

How do karma points work?
The higher your Karma, the more expensive jobs you will be presented with. Each time a user buys your work, you earn Karma points. Being rejected decreases your Karma points. The time difference between the time estimation you indicated when choosing the job and the time it actually took you to perform it also increases, the closest you are to the estimation. Likewise, rejecting jobs has a negative impact on your Karma.

What if users pay late (or not at all)?
Users buy your Tweaks via the mobile app. The whole process is managed by Apple and/or Google inside the mobile app. There’s no risk the user will not pay if he accepts your work.

If a user rejects my work, will I be able to update it?
The way Tweak works is that if a user is not satisfied, he can ask for another designer to complete the work. For this reason, from time to time, you will see when accepting a job the previous rejects alongside a comment from the user to give you an idea of what they want. To avoid users abusing the rejection system, they can’t reject more than 5 jobs per 24h.

Will I be able to talk to other designers?
Not in this current version of the app but we hope to eventually provide a platform for Tweakers to discuss techniques, share tips and brag about how much money they earned. 🙂 We do have a Facebook group (HERE) though.

How can I make any proper money from it?
Earn karma points and build a reputation by working as quickly and professionally as you can. Even without a huge number of karma points, it is still possible to earn up to and beyond $60.00 per hour on Tweak (some requests can be edited and returned to the user within ten seconds).

I’m worried users will not appreciate the edits and reject them
That is a possibility (as it is in all business transactions in the real world) but there will be enough other work available for you to be able to continue earning. Once you have returned the edited photo,  the user will not be able to download the whole image or take a screen capture of it unless they have paid.

How much money will I make?
A Tweak can cost from $0.99 up to $19.99. Payments are made directly in the mobile app so Apple and Google take 30% as their fee. To allow us to run the platform, we take 30% so that you will earn 40% of the price the user paid. Even expensive Tweaks can take a few seconds to perform for a professional Photoshop editor. A designer working 8 hours a day for 20 days on Tweak can net more than $5,000 depending on the number of high paid jobs he receives thanks to his Karma.

When will I receive my payment?
Because the payment is collected by Apple and Google, we have to wait until they send us your due money before we can send it to your Paypal account. The standard terms from Apple and Google are 45 days following the end of the month so we send your money within 24 working-hours after that.

I’m afraid of becoming rich.
Can’t help you there. You need to speak to an accountant.